Thom Browne Spring Summer 2022 - New York Fashion Week

Thom Browne Spring/Summer 2022 – New York Fashion Week

September 14, 2021

Visionary American designer Thom Browne has returned to the Big Apple.


The Pennsylvania native, who usually shows his collections in Paris, explained his decision to return to New York is partly due to the pandemic, but especially to coincide his collection with the opening of his partner Andrew Bolton’s exhibition, “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion”, at the Met this Monday – the public opening is scheduled for Saturday, September 18.

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I decided to return to New York to support Andrew’s upcoming show at the Met”, Browne said back in April. “I think it is so important that all American designers recognize the importance of Andrew’s vision. This celebration of American fashion will be such a great showcase of the true talent that exists here in America”.

For his highly anticipated return to the “city that never sleeps”, Thom Browne staged a post-gender garden of fashion delights in front of crowd of personalities including Dan Levy, Russell Westbrook, Lindsey Vonn Chasser Hudson, Maisie Williams, Jeremy O. Harris, Dan Levy, among many others.

Each of the 200 hand-crafted pieces in the collection is a love letter in American fashion, inspired by classic statuary, part of which draws its inspiration from the statues in the Greek and Roman galleries of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


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