Tod's bids farewell to Creative director Walter Chiapponi
©Photo: Tod's

Tod’s bids farewell to Creative director Walter Chiapponi

July 14, 2023

In a world of ever-evolving style, even the most enduring names occasionally witness significant changes. Recently, Tod’s, an iconic Italian luxury brand, shared the news of the departure of their creative powerhouse, Walter Chiapponi. The announcement signals an end of a memorable chapter for Tod’s, and the beginning of a new journey under an as-yet-unnamed creative direction.

In a development that has sent ripples across the global fashion industry, Italian luxury label Tod’s has confirmed that Walter Chiapponi, the creative mind behind their recent resurgence, will exit the company. This amicable separation culminates a successful partnership that has seen Chiapponi reshape the brand’s aesthetic over the last four years.

Tod’s chairman and CEO, Diego Della Valle, expressed his gratitude for Chiapponi’s unwavering commitment and innovative spirit, stating, “We thank Walter for the journey we have walked together, for his creativity and for the commitment we have shared together… Like Walter, we too will remember this experience in the best possible way“.

Chiapponi’s final collection for Tod’s, destined for the Spring/Summer 2024 season, will make its grand debut in Milan on September 22nd, during the city’s much-anticipated fashion week. Although the fashion house is yet to disclose the successor to Chiapponi, they assure an announcement in the upcoming months.

Chiapponi, who came on board in October 2019, carved a unique niche in the fashion world with his debut Fall/Winter 2020 collection. He spoke fondly of his time at Tod’s, praising the style team and the Della Valle brothers, Diego and Andrea, for their unwavering support. “An extraordinary experience, both personally and creatively“, he reminisced. “Thank you for the courage, humanity and freedom you have given me to express the best version of myself through Tod’s in these years“.

Prior to Tod’s, Chiapponi worked alongside Tomas Maier at Bottega Veneta, honing his sartorial instincts and creative vision. His arrival at Tod’s marked a significant shift in the brand’s strategy; Chiapponi was the first creative director to oversee both men’s and women’s collections, succeeding Alessandra Facchinetti and Andrea Incontri.

His tenure, although overshadowed by the onslaught of COVID-19, was instrumental in broadening Tod’s apparel and accessories lines. Walter Chiapponi has left an indelible mark on Tod’s through his skillful blend of understated elegance, nonchalance, and refined luxury. These elements, combined with a mindful nod to Tod’s rich leather heritage, helped cultivate collections that personify Tod’s reputation for high-end lifestyle and exquisite Italian craftsmanship.

One of Chiapponi’s most notable contributions was the inventive reinterpretation of the Gommino pebble detail, a brand staple. The beloved design was exaggerated and boldly featured on Tod’s signature moccasins, ballerinas, and boots, in addition to expanding the handbag selection.

With the exit of Walter Chiapponi, Tod’s marks the end of an impactful era. Yet, the legacy he leaves behind will undeniably influence the brand’s narrative in the years to come.

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