Tom Ford Fall-Winter 2024 - Milan Fashion Week

Tom Ford Fall/Winter 2024 – Milan Fashion Week

Tom Ford Fall/Winter 2024 presented well-tailored pieces but lacked a distinct voice, leaving viewers questioning the brand's future direction between embracing its legacy and forging a new path.
February 27, 2024

Tom Ford‘s Fall/Winter 2024 collection presented a fascinating exploration of the brand’s identity under the new Creative director, Peter Hawkings. While the clothes themselves evoked a familiar “Tom Ford” vibe, the show aimed to establish Hawkings’ unique perspective within the brand’s established legacy.

Hawkins embraced the brand’s holistic approach, seamlessly blending beauty and fashion. The collection mirrored a make-up palette, transitioning from military-inspired outerwear in black and navy to softer nudes and bold pops of color. This connection, while attempting to be clever, felt underdeveloped.

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Despite the star-studded front row and “Basic Instinct” soundtrack, the show lacked a sense of undeniable “heat.” The clothes, while well-tailored, particularly the three-piece suits, felt vaguely reminiscent of past Tom Ford eras, lacking the distinct character that defined his work at Gucci and Saint Laurent.

While the brand’s core message of seduction remains evident, particularly through its fragrances like “Rose Prick” and “Lost Cherry,” the collection failed to fully capture this essence in the clothing. The question remains: how does seduction translate in today’s fashion landscape?

Hawkings showcased undeniable skill in tailoring, particularly evident in the luxurious women’s suits. However, the overall collection felt hesitant, playing it safe and failing to fully push boundaries, unlike the provocative edge Tom Ford himself often embraced.

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©Photo: Tom Ford