Tory Burch Spring-Summer 2024 - New York Fashion Week

Tory Burch Spring/Summer 2024 – New York Fashion Week

September 13, 2023

The Spring/Summer 2024 season is a breeding ground for innovation and experimentation, and Tory Burch is not one to be left behind. The American Museum of Natural History’s new Gilder Center, with its canyon-like architecture and porthole skylights, set the stage for Burch’s latest collection. Yet, while the venue hinted at space-age inspirations, Burch emphasized a different theme: effortlessness. This paradox forms the nucleus of the Spring/Summer 2024 collection – a journey of self-discovery where Tory Burch attempts to redefine “effortless” for the modern woman.

Tory Burch’s fascination with Claire McCardell, a pioneer of casual American fashion, set her on a path two years ago to create clothing that unburdens rather than complicates life. This philosophy reverberates throughout her recent collections, including the latest. It’s a defiance against convention, epitomized by Burch’s mantra: there are no rules.

At first glance, the thigh-high hems paired with flat shoes exude a carefree, youthful spirit, challenging the practicality of the plunging u-necks secured with tie clips. Nylon taffeta zip polos and tech-y pants encapsulate the effortlessness Burch aspires to, while stand-away collars on coatdresses and skirt suits nod to the 60s, resonating with retro vibes witnessed in other collections this week.

Interestingly, this collection features a significant uptick in embellishments compared to Burch’s recent offerings. A noteworthy piece is a chainmail tunic adorned with jingling bells, an embodiment of Burch’s evolving sense of playfulness. The cow-shaped earrings in looks 7 and 12, and the transformation of restrictive crinoline rings into liberating elements, underscore Burch’s commitment to pushing boundaries and turning limitations into possibilities.

Beyond the garments, Tory Burch’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection is a manifestation of her evolving thought process. She is no longer just a designer; she is a visionary reshaping the fashion narrative. By juxtaposing contrasting elements like the space-age ambiance of the venue with her quest for effortless clothing, Burch challenges our perception of what is possible. In doing so, she invites us to partake in her journey of transformation and self-discovery.

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©Photo: Tory Burch