Ulla Johnson Fall Winter 2022 - New York Fashion Week

Ulla Johnson Fall/Winter 2022 – New York Fashion Week

February 18, 2022

The lush interior, set into the New York Public Library with wooden stools and mimosa floral cloud installations by Emily Thompson, was a fitting backdrop for Ulla Johnson’s ever-growing and ever-elevating lifestyle universe.

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As Johnson mentioned, Alma Allen’s sculptures like his polymorphous bronzes, recently on view in New York, inspired her collection’s metallic textiles and bold but graceful volumes.

The dresses over wide-leg pants reminded Ulla Johnson of her early days as a New York City kid, going to ’90s raves, and handcrafts played a significant role in her collection, be they in the form of space-dye handknits, crochet and suede patchwork, or floral embroideries. She also introduced a new denim category, her first optical glasses and a bigger focus on accessories, which she nailed with tassel clog boots and metallic drawstring bucket bags.


©Ulla Johnson