Undercover Spring/Summer 2024 - Paris Fashion Week Men’s

Undercover Spring/Summer 2024 – Paris Fashion Week Men’s

June 28, 2023

Gaze into the mesmerizing fashion galaxy where Jun Takahashi masterfully navigates us through the celestial sphere of the Undercover Spring/Summer 2024 collection. The harmony of dark enchantment blended with the sweet serenity he curated for this season’s menswear line captivates and lures us into an artful dance between tradition and rebellion.

Revealed in a sumptuous Parisian showroom, Takahashi spun a surrealistic blend of the romantic and the artistic, touching every garment with his ingenious creativity and cultivated wisdom. Collaborating with Berlin’s esteemed artist, Helen Verhoeven, he breathed life into smudged and colorful depictions of bodies, layered seamlessly onto technical outerwear and accessories, conjuring an enigmatic aura of sensual melancholy.

Takahashi’s tailoring exhibits a controlled rebellion against the opulence; the deconstructed ensembles adorned with mere clusters of garment tags on the exterior, speaking volumes in their simplicity. Employing the ethereal quality of toile fabric, the maestro of quiet luxury meticulously sealed the seams of topcoats and jackets with wisps of transparent tape, giving us an intoxicating, immersive experience into his world.

The collection whispers tales of a quaint DIY ethos, from the quirky mix of red and green buttons on an olive twill jacket to the delightfully eccentric lineup of boxy jackets inspired by a juxtaposition of carpetbags, tapestries, and flocked wallpaper. The creative journey meanders into an intriguing black biker jacket, a melange of leather and jersey segments, and hoodies spun from a patchwork of reimagined t-shirts.

Takahashi, a distinguished figure in his signature owlish glasses and broad-brimmed hat, divulges the deep and compelling inspirations behind the collection, envisioning an ambiance of “darkness, and quiet, beautiful and sweet“. Elements of his womenswear, notably the tapestry and flocked fabrics, create a fascinating bridge between genders. For him, fashion isn’t confined by binaries; it’s a unifying force that echoes a resounding truth: “Fashion should offer hope in the darkness and make us dream“.

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