Versace Fall Winter 2022 - Milan Fashion Week

Versace Fall/Winter 2022 – Milan Fashion Week

March 5, 2022

Never shy or retiring, the Versace woman for Fall/Winter 2022 has a powerful and seductive sense of mystery, shifting in and out of sight. With unapologetic certainty she fully owns her allure and knows exactly when to unleash her power”, write the show notes.

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With thumping music and glossy red floor like a fresh coat of nail polish on the background, the collection featured several nods to iconic Versace looks from the 90s, like modern replicas of 1995’s bustier tops and corsets – almost every single one of the 60 looks featured on-show corsetry. Reimagined and modernized, it was incorporated into sculptural outerwear and sportswear shapes.

Silhouettes were seductive and fully empowered, with strong-shoulders while textures continued the collection’s play on contrast. Bags with a shoulder strap or a hand-slip from the new Greca Goddess line can be seen throughout the collection.

Versace Fall/Winter 2022 was unabashed girl power at its most unapologetic.