Victoria Beckham Resort 2024

Victoria Beckham Resort 2024

June 3, 2023

The Victoria Beckham Resort 2024 (Cruise 2024) collection reestablishes Beckham’s hallmark design strategy of exploring the balance between masculine and feminine, an aspect that has always been at the heart of her brand. This season, it’s amplified through key pieces, such as oversized blazers and baggy trousers, which assert a dominating presence, reminiscent of the characters of Sharon Stone and Jodie Foster that inspired her. Simultaneously, these masculine silhouettes are imbued with a feminine touch, as they elegantly envelop the female form, creating an exciting symbiosis between the two aesthetics.

Uncomplicated” might be a term Victoria Beckham prefers to describe her creations, but the British designer is quick to admit the considerable complexity that underpins her works. The meticulously executed designs and the artful detailing are testaments to the adroit craftsmanship and innovative vision that define the Victoria Beckham brand.

For the Resort 2024 collection, Beckham drew inspiration from strong women, in particular, the iconic female characters portrayed by Sharon Stone in “Basic Instinct” and Jodie Foster in “Taxi Driver”. These influences, though abstract, resonate in the strength and sophistication exuded by the collection. The essence of these characters is ingeniously interpreted and woven into the fabric of the collection, rather than reproduced literally.

Masculine silhouettes with a sharp edge take center stage in the Resort 2024 line-up. Oversized cuffs, bootcut denim jeans, and statuesque column-like overcoats demonstrate a daring yet refined aesthetic. Blazers that command attention without surrendering to slouchiness, baggy trousers, and dresses that drape the body with architectural precision all contribute to a unique and powerful narrative of femininity.

Beckham further emphasizes the versatility of the jersey, a key category in her label, by incorporating it in separates. An emerald green top in the collection showcases this brilliantly, with one arm exuding a clean, neat line while the other explores volume with artful asymmetry.

When asked about the collection, Beckham admitted, “This is one of my favorite collections to work on because this is the Christmas party season. I’m always designing what I want to wear in the lead up to the festive season”. She identifies tailoring as a key aspect of her wardrobe, reinforcing the value of impeccably crafted, structured pieces.

Interestingly, Beckham doesn’t necessarily prioritize comfort, considering fashion as a space for dreams and creativity. This is exemplified in her faux fur rabbit coat, an emblem of nostalgia and a symbol of childhood memories. It reflects the designer’s love for pieces that echo past experiences while maintaining a realistic and practical approach.

Despite the nostalgia, the Victoria Beckham brand continues to forge a path towards the future. The brand is expected to present its Spring/Summer 2024 collection in Paris on September 29th, a new chapter that excites and challenges Beckham.

The business side of the label is also progressing with promise. As per the brand’s private equity investor, NEO Investment Partners, revenues surged by an impressive 42 percent to approximately 58 million pounds in 2022, with projections indicating strong double-digit growth in 2023.

Beckham’s ambition extends beyond fashion, dreaming of building a “fashion and beauty house of the future“. With the immense growth of the beauty side, she sees a symbiosis between clothing and beauty. “With the success of beauty, I can create a character with the clothes. The beauty side of the business is growing enormously, very, very fast“, she affirms.

In essence, the Victoria Beckham Resort 2024 collection strikes a balance between simplicity and complexity, nostalgia and novelty, reality and dreams. Through the strength of her designs and the progression of her brand, Victoria Beckham continues to redefine what it means to be an uncomplicated yet sophisticated fashion house.

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