Vivetta Spring-Summer 2024 - Milan Fashion Week

Vivetta Spring/Summer 2024 – Milan Fashion Week

September 23, 2023

Vivetta Ponti, a name that evokes a melange of surrealism and intricate detailing, unveils her Spring/Summer 2024 collection – a compelling blend of maturity and enchantment. This season, nestled within the historic confines of the Chiostro dei Glicini, Vivetta‘s world brimmed with wonder and a shade of wistfulness.

It’s impossible to discuss this collection without touching upon the omnipresent motif: polka dots. A testament to the brand’s evolving identity, these dots weren’t merely patterns but a narration of history and a celebration of femininity. Drawing inspiration from Beau Brummell’s 19th-century audaciousness, the dots transitioned from scandalous to spectacular. Whether they appeared as subtle embroideries, vibrant prints, or feather-covered appliqués, their presence was both graphic and mesmerizing. Yet, Vivetta’s dots were not confined to monochromatic tales; they intermingled with Vichy prints, characterized by broad brushstrokes, and with the vivacity of three-dimensional roses.

The collection’s palette navigated between navy blue, the signature “Vivetta pink,” and a vivacious acid green, embracing a bon-ton aesthetic. Jewelry, crafted in Italy, juxtaposed this with its eccentric allure, exemplifying the charm that Vivetta consistently delivers. Among the ensemble was a hand-sewn pink cape, embellished with feathers through a dégradé technique, and a skirt crafted from contrasting fabrics, showcasing pleats and the brand’s unparalleled craftsmanship.

However, as much as the collection reflected her hallmark whimsy and historical nods, there was a clear indication of growth and transformation. Vivetta’s tribute to the 50s collegiate aesthetic, a pleated burgundy skirt paired with a striped shirt, captured her playful yet mature narrative for the season.

Interestingly, this year seemed less about breaking boundaries and more about refining and revisiting brand staples. Some argued that the consistent emphasis on polka dots may have overshadowed the eclectic charm Vivetta is known for, making the collection less exhilarating than its predecessors. Yet, the ethos of Vivetta remains – a brand that endlessly surprises and engages, challenging the conventional boundaries of fashion.

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©Photo: Vivetta