WE11DONE Fall-Winter 2023

WE11DONE Fall/Winter 2023

March 3, 2023

The WE11DONE brand has gone through some changes in the recent past, but they have come out on top with a collection that represents their dedication to innovation and new ideas. This collection is rooted in the study of postmodernism, as the designers sought to grasp the essence of what defines modern and postmodern art. They transformed their findings into a series of unconventional pieces that defy conventional fashion standards.

The Fall/Winter 2023 collection, called “Twisted Classics“, showcases a series of details that twist and manipulate familiar styles. Men’s formal attire was paired with biker shorts and tights adorned with sequins, and office skirts were given a daring twist with high slits. The standout pieces of the collection were jackets and topcoats that were slightly oversized, featuring two parallel ripples running vertically on each front bodice panel. These distortions were noticeable, but still familiar enough to feel comfortable.

WE11DONE is a brand that values gender-neutral fashion and this collection particularly showcases their efforts in the “menswear” space. It comes as no surprise that their next presentation will be at the menswear show in Paris this June.

The “Twisted Classics” collection reflects the larger fashion industry, which is currently grappling with questions surrounding the definition of a uniform, classic jacket, or office-ready sweater. WE11DONE approaches these questions by exploring the many experiences that shape our understanding of fashion instead of settling for a single answer.