Y/Project Spring Summer 2022 - Paris Fashion Week Men’s

Y/Project Spring/Summer 2022 – Paris Fashion Week Men’s


Fresh off his debut collection for Diesel, presented in Milan, Glenn Martens was back in Paris to unveil his co-ed collection for his own label Y/Project.

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Having more time to devote to his own collection, although he was busy at the same time developing the one for Diesel, Glenn Martens was able to go much further in his experimental vision of fashion. This season, the brand’s signature twist constructions were at the heart of the collection. Think sweaters with multiple neckholes. Think tailored jackets and coats with a collar-framing additional lapel. Think multiple layers on sweaters, architectural shoulder straps or snap buttons that will button up to create different fits. Think fake leather jackets featured triple shoulder constructions that could be worn several ways. Think denim pants that are half the waist longer than the other side to create a bold tombé.

Glenn Martens also unveiled on this occasion his second shoe collaboration with Melissa as well as an unexpected partnership with the sportswear giant Fila.

Fila is huge in Asia and Y/Project is popular there too, so both our consumers loved the idea of this alliance”, explained the Belgian designer.

The collaboration gave birth to a range of reworked Fila classics, including t-shirts, windbreakers, polo neck dresses, hoodies and accessories such as caps.

I see this collaboration, really, as a marriage of Y/Project’s experimental spirit and Fila’s innovative drive grounded in sportswear”, the designer said. “The process was as easy as it was fun, and it allowed me to openly explore a streetwear direction that felt new. There is a fresh, happy vibe to the endeavour that I think is right for this moment”.



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