Y/Project Spring/Summer 2023 - Paris Fashion Week Men’s

Y/Project Spring/Summer 2023 – Paris Fashion Week Men’s

June 28, 2022

It’s been a very rich and intense year for Glenn Martens who, after a first collaboration with Jean-Paul Gaultier, another with FILA and a breathtaking Diesel show, is back for a new seasonal offering for the label Y/Project which he has been in charge of the artistic direction for over nine years.

It was in the lush garden of a bourgeois high school that Glenn Martens unveiled Y/Project‘s collection, which features the brand’s signature elements, from asymmetrical tops cleverly structured by pressure plays to tank tops (and draped dresses) suspended from invisible nylon threads, to extremely large creations with sculptural and ironic shapes, between drapes, undulations and strange blisters. There are also trompe-l’oeil prints, initiated during Glenn Martens’ successful collaboration with Jean-Paul Gaultier, and lots of denim, a theme he has explored extensively in his collections for Italian jeans maker Diesel.

Accessories include middle finger earrings and belts that twist in all directions to the point of twisting like a snake.

With its plethora of unique and non-conformist looks, the collection should fully quench Generation Z’s thirst for self-expression and enlightenment.

Y/Project Spring/Summer 2023 - Paris Fashion Week Men’s