Yara Shahidi exudes the essence of Gaultier Divine
©Photo: Alex G. Harper

Yara Shahidi exudes the essence of Gaultier Divine

August 13, 2023

Ever since her journey began, Yara Shahidi has charmed her way into the hearts of many as an exceptional actress, a forceful advocate for social justice, and a renowned fashion enthusiast. Now, she’s adding a new fragrance campaign to her illustrious list of accomplishments – taking center stage for Jean Paul Gaultier’s latest women’s scent, Gaultier Divine.

Shahidi has long harbored admiration for the Gaultier house, mesmerized by its ability to exploit the artistry in fashion. Her engagement with the fragrance campaign was not a hasty decision; it represented an opportunity to collaborate with a brand she reveres and engage in an exhilarating creative endeavor. The Gaultier Divine campaign offers her the chance to work with an eclectic mix of creative souls, ranging from Tess McMillan and Lola Rodriguez to Thando Hopa, Janet Jumbo, and Ana Elisa Brito.

Indeed, the campaign has formed a community of not just fashion aficionados, but impactful individuals who are carving spaces for others to feel genuinely themselves. It’s this inclusivity and resonance with social causes that drew Shahidi to the project. Her involvement transcends mere face value; it allowed her to participate in casting decisions, fostering new friendships along the way.

The underlying theme of Gaultier Divine echoes through every element of the campaign: every woman embodies a goddess within. This potent message has struck a chord with Shahidi, blending seamlessly with her personal ethos. The campaign, although grandiose in scope, earnestly aims to celebrate the authenticity and divinity every woman carries within herself.

While exploring the realm of fashion, Shahidi found herself unintentionally amassing a collection of vintage Gaultier pieces, a testament to her enduring affection for the brand. A recent standout was the Jean Paul Gaultier couture bustier she wore to the 2023 Met Gala, reaffirming her fondness for the house.

Fragrance has been a longtime companion of Shahidi, acting as a sensory time machine, teleporting her to places and times through mere scents. Her love affair with smell makes her an ideal ambassador for Divine.

Vincent Thilloy, chief brands officer of Paco Rabanne and Jean Paul Gaultier at parent group Puig, asserted that having a spokesperson who supports diversity and inclusivity was paramount. Shahidi’s dual heritage as an African American and Iranian, along with her initiatives like Eighteen x 18 to encourage young Americans to vote, embodies these values perfectly.

Yara Shahidi exudes the essence of Gaultier Divine

Gaultier Divine, crafted by Givaudan perfumer Quintin Bisch, is a unique blend of floral, gourmand, and marine scents. Its vegan, cruelty-free nature and ingredients sourced responsibly from 90 percent natural origins showcase a new dimension of Gaultier femininity. Bisch envisioned a spectacular, opulent, and sensual perfume, built around a lily note with additional accents of white flowers, merengue, and a salty sea breeze.

Divine’s bottle design encapsulates womanhood as a potent force – a goddess. The refillable gold-colored flacon is reminiscent of an iconic Gaultier corset, akin to modern armor, slightly more rounded than the original Classique bottle from Gaultier three decades ago. Gaultier Divine arrives in the characteristic metallic tin packaging, an idiosyncratic aspect that defines the brand’s unique charm.

The imminent launch of Gaultier Divine is anticipated to strengthen Jean Paul Gaultier’s foothold in the women’s fragrance market. Thilloy believes it has much to convey about femininity, and Shahidi is the ideal conduit.

This brand-new fragrance will make its grand entrance in three volume variants – 100 ml, 50 ml, and 30 ml. Reflecting its luxurious essence, these exquisite bottles come at premium prices of $160USD, $130 USD, and $90 USD, respectively.

The unveiling of the Divine is strategically scheduled to prioritize Gaultier’s most loyal customers. A limited quantity of this heavenly scent is available for the brand’s ardent followers via the official Gaultier website.

On August 16th, the online gates will open for a broader audience. Consumers from France, the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Spain will have the chance to purchase Divine via the brand’s website, spreading the novel fragrance across Europe.

Adding to the anticipation, a tangible pre-launch event is scheduled at Harrods, the prestigious U.K. department store, beginning August 14th.

The worldwide release of Divine will unfurl in stages, kicking off in September, shortly after the initial pre-launch. This phased rollout is bound to create anticipation and maintain momentum, keeping Divine in the spotlight for an extended period.

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