Zhao Liying soars as Self-Portrait's global ambassador
Zhao Liying. ©Photo: Self-Portrait / Nick Yang

Zhao Liying soars as Self-Portrait’s global ambassador

From TV drama queen to global fashion icon, Chinese actress Zhao Liying takes center stage as Self-Portrait's new global ambassador. Expect elegance, authenticity and a captivating mix of styles.
February 14, 2024

After a successful year as the brand’s regional face for China, Chinese actress Zhao Liying has been elevated to the coveted position of global ambassador for Self-Portrait.


For those unfamiliar, Zhao Liying, a queen of daytime TV dramas in China, has captivated audiences with her diverse roles, most recently earning acclaim for her portrayal of a hearing-impaired mother in director Zhang Yimou’s hit film “Article 20“. Her immense popularity is undeniable, with 5.1 billion mentions on Xiaohongshu and a Weibo following of over 90 million.

Zhao Liying soars as Self-Portrait's global ambassador

I am always looking for women to represent the brand who my customer can identify with and connect to,” said Han Chong, founder and Creative director of Self-Portrait. “Given the strength of our business in China, and our large community in the market, partnering with an ambassador who transmits the values of our brand was critical.”


But why Liying? As Chong puts it, “She’s an incredible actress who is able to transform herself into such a broad range of roles. This is something that really attracted me to her, and made me realize how perfect she would be to embody the Self-Portrait woman who I often describe as multifaceted and utterly unique.” He adds, “Our customer is not just one note – she is worldly, confident, soft, powerful and effortless. And Zhao Liying is all of those things, and more.”

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This strategic move reflects Self-Portrait‘s commitment to China, a market that Chong deeply cares about and understands. With 60 standalone stores in key luxury hubs and plans for further expansion, the brand caters to a rapidly evolving consumer base. While globally the brand leverages the star power of social media giants like Gigi and Bella Hadid, Irina Shayk and Kate Moss, in China they recognize the importance of cultural relevance and deep consumer understanding.

Zhao Liying’s ambassadorship kicks off with the captivating “New Ray” campaign, featuring her in key pieces from Self-Portrait’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection.

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