AMI Alexandre Mattiussi x Novo: Playful artistry meets French minimalism

AMI Alexandre Mattiussi x Novo: Playful artistry meets French minimalism

April 24, 2023

In the highly anticipated third edition of AMI’s collaborative initiative, Alexandre Mattiussi’s esteemed French label has joined forces with the talented Korean artist Novo to breathe new life into its classic styles. The captivating “AMI x Novo” partnership masterfully blends AMI’s signature minimalist design with Novo’s artistic vision, creating a delightful fusion that showcases the best of both worlds.

The core of this collaboration revolves around AMI AMI Alexandre Mattiussi’s iconic de Cœur heart emblem, providing Novo with a canvas to express his creativity and artistic flair. Paying homage to his Korean heritage, the artist has reimagined the brand’s crowned-heart figure, infusing it with a touch of whimsy and charm. The resulting collection features a playful monkey illustration, a central motif that is skillfully woven throughout the range of co-ed offerings.

Photographed against the vibrant backdrop of South Korea’s streets, the collection showcases the monkey character in various amusing scenarios. From adorning staple hoodies with the dancing animal wearing an AMI Alexandre Mattiussi-branded tee, a French beret, and holding painting tools, to depicting the monkey posing beside the Eiffel Tower on t-shirts or carrying AMI shopping bags on button-down shirting, each piece exudes a sense of lighthearted fun.

In a nod to the collaboration, the monkey illustration will also be transformed into a balloon at AMI Alexandre Mattiussi’s Seoul flagship store next month, further cementing the connection between the two creative forces.

Adding a touch of classic AMI Alexandre Mattiussi design, the collection is rounded off with a red beanie that features the brand’s signature A logo, playfully adorned with a smiley face crown.

The collection launched in-store and online via AMI Alexandre Mattiussi on April 20th.

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