Ann Demeulemeester's debut fragrance A captivates the fashion world

Ann Demeulemeester’s debut fragrance A captivates the fashion world

September 7, 2023

Belgian fashion house Ann Demeulemeester, renowned for her quintessentially dark and glamorous style, has added another feather to her cap with the debut fragrance ‘A‘. This creation reflects her meticulous attention to detail, with every note and design choice echoing her vision.

The birth of this fragrance has an enchanting story behind it. Not long after the brand was acquired by the astute Italian retailer Claudio Antonioli in 2020, he approached Ann with the proposition of birthing a signature scent for the house. Little did he know, Demeulemeester had been nurturing the dream of this fragrance for over two decades.

Ann Demeulemeester's debut fragrance A captivates the fashion world
A recent depiction of Ann Demeulemeester, captured by her son, Victor Robyn / ©Photo: A Victor Robyn/Ann Demeulemeester

Her passion took her to the Pays de Grasse region of France, the cradle of modern perfumery. There, she immersed herself in the art, experimenting with notes and finding inspiration in the vast collection at the Osmothèque in Versailles, home to the world’s biggest scent library. As Ann reminisced, “I do believe that people knock on my door when they need me, or when they are right for me… I knew exactly already for years what I would like to do, the notes that I liked, and what was the idea.”

This ”old dream coming to reality”, named ‘A‘ after her initial, is more than just a fragrance; it’s a piece of her soul. The amber-hued unisex fragrance is set to premiere at a special event in the iconic Ann Demeulemeester flagship store at Leopold de Waelplaats, Antwerp, today. Additionally, it will be available on and a curated selection of boutiques like The Broken Arm in Paris, Dover Street Market in London, and Antonioli shops in Milan, Ibiza, Turin, and Lugano.

The fragrance’s olfactory journey begins with the zest of bergamot and lemon, smoothly transitioning into the comforting embrace of jasmine and rose. These florals dance around the deep and rich notes of clove, cinnamon, leather, and sandalwood, creating a blend that’s both invigorating and soothing.

Her exclusive fragrance is available solely as a perfume, signifying a rich blend of essential oils extracted through cold pressing from organic sources. A 75ml bottle is priced at 330 euros.

Beyond the scent, the bottle itself is a work of art. Its minimalist design, with one side bearing a black semi-matte label, discreetly showcases the letter ‘A‘ when turned sideways – a mark of its creator’s touch.

Ann Demeulemeester departed her eponymous label in 2013 and returned to the fashion house as an advisor in 2021, expanding her horizons by diving into the realm of furniture and homeware. The subsequent years saw an evolution in the brand, with various creative minds taking the helm. With Stefano Gallici now leading the creative charge and the imminent debut of his collection at Paris Fashion Week, this fragrance, ‘A‘, becomes even more symbolic.

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