Austin Butler steers YSL Beauty's MYSLF scent as new global ambassador
©Photo: Saint Laurent

Austin Butler steers YSL Beauty’s MYSLF scent as new global ambassador

August 8, 2023

In an industry where trends ebb and flow, there are those moments that leave an indelible mark. This week, Hollywood’s ever-rising star, Austin Butler, glistens under a new spotlight, not of the silver screen, but that of an olfactory spectacle. Embracing his new role, he’s been unveiled as the global ambassador for Yves Saint Laurent Beauty’s latest men’s fragrance, “MYSLF“.

Butler, in his trademark eloquent manner, shared, “I felt honored when Yves Saint Laurent Beauty asked me to become the ambassador for its new fragrance, ”MYSLF”. In 1964, Yves Saint Laurent released his first fragrance. I feel privileged to be a part of the heritage he set in motion all those years ago”.

The actor’s deep appreciation for the brand is evident. Reflecting on the legacy of M. Saint Laurent, he recounts conversations with those who knew the visionary. ”He broke through labels. He was a rebel, and I love that about him”, Butler remarked.

Austin Butler steers YSL Beauty's MYSLF scent as new global ambassador

The worlds of cinema and scent seem disparate, but Butler bridges the gap effortlessly. Known for his compelling performances, especially as the iconic “Elvis”, and collaborations with renowned directors like Quentin Tarantino and Baz Luhrmann, his future looks equally promising. Cinemagoers will soon witness his prowess in Jeff Nichols’ “Bikeriders” and Denis Villeneuve’s “Dune: Part Two”.

MYSLF” debuted today on YSL Beauty’s U.S. platform prior to rolling out elsewhere beginning on Thursday, marking a pivotal moment, not just in fragrance launches, but in the representation of modern masculinity. With previous fragrances like “Y” for men targeting Millennials, and classics such as “La Nuit de L’Homme“, YSL Beauty now seeks to connect with the Gen Z demographic.

We wanted to bring an offer to Gen Z“, shared Stephan Bezy, the international general manager of Yves Saint Laurent Beauty at L’Oréal. This initiative marks a brand milestone. Bezy emphasized, That generation has been exposed to a lot of tensions”.

Austin Butler steers YSL Beauty's MYSLF scent as new global ambassador

Among these challenges is the spotlight on toxic masculinity illuminated by the #MeToo movement. This has stirred debates around traditional views of masculinity, blurring its boundaries and embracing a wider spectrum of gender identities.

It has raised the question: ‘What does it meant to be a man today?‘” Bezy elaborated. For Gen Z, identity isn’t just about possessions but about essence and self-reflection. “They realize that to be a man is to have the freedom to be yourself. It’s a generation that has decided to break down the frontiers, tear down clichés and those barriers, to express and be themselves“.

In a bid to resonate with this sentiment, YSL conducted over 4,000 interviews worldwide spanning three years. Bezy concluded, “The territory they want to explore is the self“.

This sentiment echoes the profound wisdom of designer Yves Saint Laurent himself: “I’ve understood that the most important encounter in life was the encounter with myself”.

As a nod to this generation’s flair for wordplay, the fragrance’s name, MYSLF, cleverly incorporates the brand’s initials. Bezy highlights that the young demographic swiftly identifies “YSL” and even sees “MY YSL” within it. Furthermore, the inclusion of “M” and “F” underscores a celebration of both masculine and feminine energies.

The beauty of the scent isn’t just in its aroma but in its design. Designer Suzanne Dalton’s flair is evident in the fragrance’s vessel: a sleek black lacquer rectangle that gradually unveils its transparency. The embossed YSL logo adds the signature touch. Beyond aesthetics, YSL Beauty’s commitment to the planet is clear. Both the refillable bottle and its packaging are made with sustainability in mind, showcasing the brand’s devotion to the ASAP (“as sustainable as possible“) philosophy.

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