BamBam joins Louis Vuitton as its newest house ambassador
BamBam. ©Photo: Louis Vuitton

BamBam joins Louis Vuitton as its newest house ambassador

Louis Vuitton welcomes BamBam as its newest House Ambassador, bridging luxury fashion and the dynamic influence of K-pop, showcasing global style and cultural fusion with his vibrant presence and diverse talents.
February 1, 2024

Louis Vuitton has officially welcomed Thai-born K-pop star BamBam as its latest house ambassador.

BamBam, a member of the popular group GOT7, has not only made waves in the music industry with his first full-length solo studio album, “Sour & Sweet,” but has also captivated millions with his unique sense of style and charismatic presence on social media. With an impressive following of 17.7 million on Instagram and 11.6 million on X, BamBam’s influence extends far beyond the music stage, making him an ideal face for the iconic French luxury brand.

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The announcement comes at a time when Louis Vuitton is expanding its roster of brand ambassadors to include notable figures from the K-pop world such as Jackson Wang, also a member of GOT7, and other artists such as Le Sserafim, Felix of Stray Kids, J-Hope of BTS and Hyein of NewJeans. This strategic move by Louis Vuitton underscores the brand’s recognition of the powerful influence that K-pop stars have on fashion trends and consumer preferences around the world.

BamBam joins Louis Vuitton as its newest house ambassador

BamBam’s association with Louis Vuitton was highlighted during Pharrell Williams‘ debut and Fall/Winter 2024 shows as Creative director of Menswear, where BamBam’s presence generated significant social media buzz. The hashtag #BamBamXLVFW24 alone garnered over 2.1 million impressions on X, demonstrating the magnetic pull BamBam has on the fashion community and his ability to bring increased visibility to the brand.

Aside from contributing to music and fashion, BamBam has also ventured into the culinary world, sharing his love of food on his YouTube channel using the hashtag #BamuEats.

In addition, BamBam will expand his influence as one of the three hosts of a new unscripted Netflix series that delves into the lives of South Korea’s super-rich. Along with singer Mimi of the girl group Oh My Girl and comedian Cho Sae-ho, BamBam will give viewers a glimpse into the opulent lifestyles that captivate many.

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