Courrèges Spring-Summer 2024 - Paris Fashion Week Men’s

Courrèges Spring/Summer 2024 – Paris Fashion Week Men’s

June 24, 2023

When one ventures into the realm of André Courrèges’s craft, a certain peculiar charm seizes the imagination. This raw spirit, often kept on the fringes of exploration, is what Nicolas di Felice boldly celebrates in the Courrèges Spring/Summer 2024 collection. Enamored with its eccentricity, di Felice fuses offbeat elements with a splash of the season’s vivaciousness, captivating us with the allure of an endless summer.

The allure of the collection harks back to an archival gem – a peculiarly wrought sandal carved from a single metal sheet. Undeniably a creation of intrigue, but its practicality? Questionable. This is the point exactly – the captivating allure of the strange! di Felice’s rendition of this into a commercial heeled sandal is an audacious homage to Courrèges’ intrinsic oddity.

The last season’s show was a journey in itself – a smartphone-infused start eventually blossoming into an enlightening experience. di Felice mirrored a pursuit for the hedonistic and an escape from urban ennui. This theme of liberation and unbounded joy is one that’s resounding in the imminent show this September.

Turning to the silver screen for inspiration, di Felice found his muse in Michelangelo Antonioni’s 1970s film, “Zabriskie Point“. The defiant spirit of the protagonists and their retreat into the enchanting desert wilderness triggered an idea – an everlasting summer of freedom and adventure.

The designer’s recollection of archival styles seamlessly fused with this cinematic inspiration. A tale narrated through tailoring began with a striking one-shoulder silhouette and an alluring, off-kilter vested piece. As the narrative unfurled, these ensembles gradually evolved. A deconstructed pinstripe ensemble and a bold cut-out jacket added an exciting twist, resonating with the designer’s vision of adaptation and transformation.

Nicolas di Felice continues his provocative streak with mischievously constructed varsity tees, flared boot-cut jeans, and dresses that echo the Courrèges logo. The pièce de résistance, however, was a sheer, rainbow-printed men’s singlet – an embodiment of the golden hour rainbow, or as di Felice puts it, “the aura“.

Through these intricate details, di Felice’s Courrèges rises, distinguished amidst numerous brand revivals. It is a vibrant counterculture, unapologetically embracing sensuality and indulgence. After all, in an era consumed by solemnity, the pursuit of pleasure is indeed a refreshing counter-cultural sentiment. As di Felice so eloquently stated, “In the end it’s about desire. You want it and you go and get it“.

In this collection, the essence of Courrèges is not only embraced but amplified, embodying an audacious spirit eager to bask in an endless summer of desire and indulgence. Nicolas di Felice, in true Courrèges fashion, invites us to partake in this pursuit and to celebrate the peculiar charm that lies at the heart of fashion’s most intriguing narratives.

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