Craig Green Fall Winter 2022

Craig Green Fall/Winter 2022

February 17, 2022

After a two-year absence from the runway – his last show was in January 2020 in Paris, just at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic – Craig Green is back in London for an off-schedule, but highly anticipated show.

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The designer presented his Fall/Winter 2022 collection in a vast semi-derelict warehouse on the far eastern fringes of London.

The collection includes eye-catching ensembles with distinctive styles and patterns, focusing on the wearer’s experience. To do this, Craig Green uses divisive fabrics like mohair, latex, silk and leather, which one person might find comforting and enjoyable to wear, but another might find uncomfortable or even suffocating. Green turns these fabrics inside out so that the raw fabric, usually exposed to the outside world, touches the skin and is felt by the wearer.

Each piece thus symbolizes and serves as a means of reunification, expressing a courageous and optimistic vision that he wanted to convey after so many months of sacrifice and self-sacrifice.

Green continued the idea of inside-out with his ongoing collaboration with Adidas. What appeared to be chunky shoe molds on the feet were in fact a pair of Stan Smith inside. “You don’t see the Stan Smith but only your feet experienced the Stan Smith shapes. It’s not for anyone. It’s just for you”, he said.


©Craig Green