Electrify your game with Puma’s Voltage Pack

Puma's Voltage Pack revolutionizes athletic footwear with cutting-edge technology and style. Embrace innovation and sustainability with the Ultra, Future and King models now available worldwide.
November 23, 2023
Electrify your game with Puma's Voltage Pack

Puma recently introduced its electrifying Voltage Pack. This innovative collection features new colorways for Puma’s Ultra, Future and King franchises.

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Featuring the latest in Puma technology, the Voltage Pack is not just a seasonal trend, but a bold statement in athletic apparel. As winter approaches, this collection is set to shine on pitches around the world. Football icons such as Neymar Jr, Kingsley Coman, Ingrid Engen, Fridolina Rolfö, Julia Grosso, Jack Grealish and Xavi Simons bring the flair and function of Puma’s latest innovation to life.

Electrify your game with Puma's Voltage Pack

At the heart of the collection is the Ultra, reimagined with a lightweight Ultraweave upper that drives its renowned speed and acceleration. The clever integration of Pwrtape takes cues from the anatomy of the human foot, providing unmatched support for those sudden, game-changing sprints and maneuvers.

Then there’s the Future, a dream for any player looking for agility and control. Its Fuzionfit360 upper, a harmonious blend of dual mesh, stretch knit and Pwrtape, provides a locked-in, supportive fit, laceless or not. The design also incorporates 3D textures in critical areas for enhanced grip and control. The Dynamic Motion System outsole, with its dual-density construction, enhances stability and traction, a crucial asset for outmaneuvering opponents.

Rounding out the trio is the Puma King, which redefines comfort and control. The K-BETTER™ upper, a groundbreaking non-animal-based material, surpasses its leather predecessor in feel, comfort and durability. The meticulously crafted outsole features an external heel counter, stability spine and tapered studs for unparalleled movement and ball control.

Electrify your game with Puma's Voltage Pack

The Ultra, Future and King models are inclusive, offering unisex and women’s specific fits. In a nod to sustainability, the uppers of these models feature at least 20% recycled content, underscoring Puma’s commitment to a greener future.

The Voltage Pack is available now at puma.com and select retailers worldwide.

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