Gabriela Hearst Resort 2024

Gabriela Hearst Resort 2024

June 16, 2023

Gabriela Hearst Resort 2024 (Cruise 2024) collection stands as a testament to the designer’s unique ability to blend historical narratives with contemporary style. The collection, inspired by the ancient Druid civilization, is a testament to Hearst’s commitment to deep research and her intuitive approach to design.

The Druids, a civilization that once formed a significant part of Europe, were known for their communal living and high regard for women. Hearst’s fascination with their culture, particularly their lack of personal property and the elevated status of women, is reflected in her latest collection. The designer’s exploration of the Druids’ history, despite the scarcity of information, has resulted in a collection that is as imaginative as it is grounded in historical context.

Hearst’s interpretation of the Druids’ society is not only a reflection of their values but also a commentary on the current state of the world. She believes that the ideals of the Druid society resonate with the present times, especially in the face of climate change. This sentiment is reflected in her collection, which combines classic and futuristic elements, creating a unique blend of styles.

The collection features a variety of pieces, from a Blade Runner-inspired herringbone shearling coat to a sleek black napa suit and cape. The use of rose gold hardware details, both in ready-to-wear pieces and accessories, adds a touch of luxury to the collection. The collection also includes a range of cozy knits, including a standout 100 percent cashmere Aran cable sweater, hand-knitted by artisans in Bolivia.

The color palette of the collection, which includes shades of black, ivory, light heather gray, deep bordeaux, blush, and deep fluorite blue, is a nod to Hearst’s minimalist aesthetic. The collection also features a variety of dresses with impactful details, such as red suede geometric accents, rose-shaped organic pleated draping, and lengthy skirts with cascading waterfall silk draping.

Gabriela Hearst‘s men’s offering follows the same design principles, featuring sharp tailoring, organic Japanese denim treated with ecological treatments, and intricate cable knits. The designer’s commitment to using the best possible fabrics and her uncompromising approach to design are evident in the collection.

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