GCDS Fall-Winter 2023 - Milan Fashion Week

GCDS Fall/Winter 2023 – Milan Fashion Week

February 27, 2023

Giuliano Calza, the creative director of GCDS, has taken a more sophisticated approach with his latest fashion collection. The Fall/Winter 2023 show, graced by the presence of pop star Dua Lipa and friends, showcased a toned-down side of Calza, emphasizing his affection for his pet cat, Kittho.


The designs were inspired by Calza’s personal life and his fondness for his feline friend. The clothing incorporated aspects of Calza’s home and his cat, such as gray tones, tiger print, yellow hues (to reflect Kittho’s eye color), pink accents (as a nod to the cat’s favorite couch), and feathers (as they are the cat’s preferred toy). The outcome was a lighthearted and quirky interpretation of traditional tailoring, featuring pinstripes, over-sized outerwear, white shirting, corsets, black leather maxi-length skirts trimmed with feathers, elongated biker jackets, and neckties.

The show also presented more playful pieces, including tufted electric yellow sweaters, an orange-and-black tiger stripe gown, rotary telephone-shaped purses, and paw-shaped boots. The lack of streetwear in the collection indicates that Calza is moving away from his previous loud and theme-based shows and towards a more commercial direction.


This fresh collection is expected to attract a different consumer base for the GCDS brand and have a longer lifespan on store shelves. Although Kittho himself was not present, the show was a testament to Calza’s love for his cat and his aim to create a fun and quirky take on traditional tailoring.