K-Way Fall-Winter 2024 - Milan Fashion Week Men’s

K-Way Fall/Winter 2024 – Milan Fashion Week Men’s

K-Way paints Milan white with Fall/Winter 2024 R&D. Silhouettes dance in Le Vrai 3.0, femininity reclaims form, and sustainable furs whisper luxury. Jackets flow, skirts flutter, and three-color zippers zip across lines and textures. A playful reinvention of classics awaits, inviting layering and experimentation.
January 15, 2024

It was a stark white canvas, punctuated only by the whimsical strokes of art installations, that served as the stage for K-Way‘s R&D Fall/Winter 2024 presentation at Milan Fashion Week Men’s. The ground floor of the BasicNet Group headquarters, transformed for the occasion, became a vibrant testament to the brand’s ongoing evolution: a dance between technical prowess and playful reinvention.

Gone were the bold statements of previous seasons. Instead, K-Way took a measured approach, immersing itself in a meticulous analysis of shapes and materials. The result? A collection that reinterprets classic silhouettes with innovative geometries, where functionality whispers in tandem with femininity.

Le Vrai 3.0, the brand’s star technical fabric, took center stage, fluttering in a kaleidoscope of colors as jackets morphed into flowing skirts and weekend bags. “There’s a sense of movement, a lightness,” observed one attendee, who was captivated by the way the fabric seemed to breathe life into the minimalist space.

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Sustainability, a core value of the brand, was woven into the fabric of the collection. Sustainable furs, reimagined through an eco-conscious lens, lined padded jackets and added a touch of textural luxury. The three-layer bonded fabric, a marvel of elasticity and waterproofing, appeared in soft, elegant iterations, proving that technical and beautiful don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

The iconic tricolor zipper, a K-Way signature, was elevated to a design element, zipping through coats, tops and even pants, its lines accentuated by geometric quilting that echoed on accessories. This subtle playfulness was further enhanced by the introduction of Scuba, a warm, flexible fabric used on tops, skirts and trousers, reconnecting with the brand’s sporty heritage in a contemporary way.

But K-Way hasn’t forgotten its roots. Smooth velvet bombers, a luxurious blend of silk and viscose, added a touch of unexpected glamour, while regular-cut jackets and coats in breathable, waterproof wool reaffirmed the brand’s DNA as the quintessential rainwear purveyor. The pinstripe motif, a nod to timeless elegance, even extended to trousers and Bermuda shorts, proving that practicality can be chic.

This attention to detail extended beyond the garments themselves. Zippered neck-warmer hoods and quilted bodices offered a practical edge, while gaiters protected sleek laced leather boots. It was a testament to K-Way’s unwavering commitment to form and function, ensuring that every element served a purpose without sacrificing an ounce of style.

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©Photo: K-Way