Michelle Yeoh is Balenciaga's newest brand ambassador
Michelle Yeoh. ©Photo: Balenciaga

Michelle Yeoh is Balenciaga’s newest brand ambassador

Michelle Yeoh joins Balenciaga as brand ambassador, combining cinema and fashion. Her journey reflects Balenciaga's global influence, showcasing artistry and elegance in the world of fashion.
November 10, 2023

Oscar-winning actress Michelle Yeoh is now officially a Balenciaga brand ambassador. The Parisian fashion house recently made the exciting announcement.

Yeoh’s journey from Malaysian roots and London education to international stardom in the film industry mirrors Balenciaga’s global reach and influence. Her notable achievements in cinema include critical acclaim for her performance in the A24 film “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” for which she won a Golden Globe, a SAG Award and an Oscar. In her new role as brand ambassador, Yeoh joins the ranks of other high-profile celebrities such as French actress Isabelle Huppert and Thai star PP Krit Amnuaydechkorn.

Michelle Yeoh is Balenciaga's newest brand ambassador

Expressing her enthusiasm, Yeoh says, “For me, fashion is a form of art. It’s not just about a dress but about self-expression, how you feel in the dress, and the values you embody wearing it; it is a way to communicate my work and who I am to the world. Wearing Balenciaga makes me value the artistry and craftsmanship behind every piece.”. Her perspective aligns seamlessly with Balenciaga’s philosophy of celebrating originality and heritage.

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Yeoh‘s association with Balenciaga is not new. She has worked closely with the brand for several major red carpet events, showcasing Balenciaga’s exquisite creations. Her presence at the brand’s Fall/Winter 2023 Haute Couture fashion show was a testament to this flourishing relationship. In addition, Yeoh turned heads at this year’s Cannes Film Festival by wearing Balenciaga haute couture exclusively for her appearances. Her choice of Balenciaga for the Kering Women in Motion Dinner, where she was honored with the Women in Motion Award, further cements her as an icon of style and substance.

Michelle Yeoh is Balenciaga's newest brand ambassador
Michelle Yeoh in Balenciaga’s Spring/Summer 2024 campaign. ©Photo: Balenciaga

In her new role, Yeoh appears in Balenciaga’s Spring/Summer 2024 campaign alongside other high-profile faces including Małgosia Bela, Arthur Del Beato, Eva Herzigova, Soo Joo Park and Khadim Sock.

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