Moschino Men’s Resort 2024

Moschino Men’s Resort 2024

May 24, 2023

As the fashion world continuously evolves, it often finds itself in a state of liminal transition. This period is frequently met with apprehension and critical scrutiny, particularly when a renowned brand like Moschino, waves goodbye to an iconic creative director like Jeremy Scott. Such circumstances typically open the floodgates for critique from those who might otherwise refrain. Despite the potential for uncharted waters to bring turbulence, it’s not always a given that a fashion house without its customary navigator will veer off course. The Moschino Resort 2024 (Cruise 2024) collection serves as a testament to this truth.

This menswear assortment, sailing smoothly through fashion’s tumultuous seas, presents a harmonious blend of contrariety and trademark Moschino whimsy. While it might not pronounce a grand purpose beyond appealing to the customer’s delight, the collection’s idiosyncrasies breathe life into it. The quirk is there, and it’s resonating, from archive-inspired florals emblazoned on form-fitting corsets and tops, to artfully disheveled tailoring highlighted by asymmetrical multi-collared shirts and rebellious, reverse-knotted ties.

The collection also adds an adventurous twist to safari-inspired neutral separates and knits, invigorating them with splatters of embroidered paint. Furthermore, the floral motif continues to blossom, extending its reach from the print domain into carefully strewn charm chains at the neckline and waist.

Seizing the chance to stir the pot further, the collection plays with time, drawing on the nostalgic elegance of Prince of Wales tailoring. Oversized silhouettes that evoke nostalgic scenes from Brideshead are audaciously contrasted with wrapped sash silk shirting and corduroy Bermudas. A shocking, yet somehow inviting, aquamarine color further disrupts the conventional color palette, proving that this collection is not shy about making a statement.

While the Moschino Resort 2024 collection is neither a disaster nor a revolution, it holds a certain charm that cannot be overlooked. It proudly showcases standout pieces, such as an oversized biker jacket, that have a timeless allure extending far beyond a fleeting fashion season.

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