Ferragamo announces NCT's Jeno Lee as first male global brand ambassador

Ferragamo announces NCT’s Jeno Lee as first male global brand ambassador

May 29, 2023

When the worlds of fashion and music intertwine, the resulting harmonious blend can generate an incredibly powerful influence. This unison is currently being exemplified by the Italian luxury fashion brand, Ferragamo, and the South Korean pop sensation, Jeno Lee of boy band NCT.

Expanding its alluring charm across the globe, Ferragamo has chosen Jeno Lee as its first male global brand ambassador, after a series of successful collaborations. This strategic move reflects Ferragamo’s understanding of the profound impact of pop culture on fashion and its appreciation of the youthful energy that Lee brings to the brand.

A sneak preview of this partnership was seen in February 2023 when Jeno Lee graced the Ferragamo Fall/Winter 2023 show during Milan Fashion Week and has partnered with the brand for several activations.

Ferragamo announces NCT's Jeno Lee as first male global brand ambassador

Maximilian Davis, Ferragamo’s innovative creative director, has praised Lee’s magnetic personality and unique ability to communicate with young audiences around the world. Davis voiced his excitement for the partnership stating, “Jeno Lee’s captivating personality and ability to connect with international young audiences, through his music, style and persona is exceptional. We’re driven by the same passion in our creativity and feel fortunate to have him join Ferragamo”.

Equally enthusiastic, Jeno Lee reciprocated Davis’ sentiments by expressing his honor in representing Ferragamo, a brand renowned for its incomparable heritage, supreme craftsmanship, and timeless style. “It is such an honor to be a global ambassador for Ferragamo, a brand with an incredible heritage, craftsmanship and style. I am very excited to create a synergy with the brand and looking forward to disclosing our future projects! Stay tuned on both of us!”, Lee said.

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