Pat McGrath Labs partners with Google for an AR pop-up beauty experience
©Photo: Pat McGrath Labs

Pat McGrath Labs partners with Google for an AR pop-up beauty experience

Pat McGrath Labs and Google unveil "The Art of Beauty," an AR pop-up blending tech and beauty. In NYC, experience interactive make-up sessions and explore the brand’s history through augmented reality.
October 15, 2023

Pat McGrath Labs, the brainchild of the iconic make-up artist Pat McGrath announced a groundbreaking partnership with none other than Google. For three days, visitors will be immersed in “The Art of Beauty,” an AR pop-up that promises a fusion of aesthetic elegance and cutting-edge technology.

The pop-up, a sanctuary of beauty in the digital age, marks a significant leap for Pat McGrath Labs, propelling it into the realms of technological innovation. A make-up session, an intimate connection with a make-up artist, and an array of product giveaways – the experience at 101 7th Avenue, a locale formerly inhabited by Barneys New York, is designed to be immersive and unforgettable.

We felt it was time for something more interactive, and to play a little bit more in tech,” McGrath shared, her vision for an augmented reality experience illuminated by passion and creativity. Bridging the gap between the virtual and physical worlds, attendees will explore and engage with beauty like never before.

Google’s AR technology is the silent artist behind this spectacle, enabling guests to live out their make-up fantasies in real-time. “Google’s AR lets people live their make-up fantasy right from their phones,” McGrath explains, highlighting the effortless plunge into a world where creativity knows no bounds. Trial, error, and discovery, all are invited into this dance of colors and textures.

The pop-up is not merely an exploration of beauty but a journey through the Pat McGrath Labs’ history and McGrath’s iconic career.

Stephanie Horton, Senior director of commerce marketing at Google, extolled the venture as a celebration of innovation: ”Pat is the latest of 50 brands that we will have this available for, but we thought she would be the best person to bring this into the public scope.”

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This initiative aligns with Google’s broader strategy to simplify the online beauty shopping experience. “Even though there is a return to store, some traffic that came online has stayed online,” stated Horton. With beauty brands emphasizing visual appeal, Google enhances user experience by offering a diverse model library for virtual try-ons.

McGrath’s history of unconventional collaborations, including ventures with Supreme, “Bridgerton,” and “Star Wars,” underscores her innovative spirit. The alliance with Google fits seamlessly into this trend. “It felt like the perfect partnership. Pop-ups and experiences are a great way to push into technological innovation,” McGrath expressed.

The Art of Beauty” pop-up is scheduled for October 20th to 22nd, and attendees can enjoy the experience free of admission fees.

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