Shanghai welcomes Prada’s second Pradasphere

The second Pradasphere in Shanghai invites fashion enthusiasts to explore Prada’s iconic journey. Unveiling 500 artifacts, it’s a blend of luxury, art, and heritage, marking the brand's 110th anniversary.
October 23, 2023
Shanghai welcomes Prada's second Pradasphere
©Photo: Prada

Marking the brand’s 110th anniversary, Prada is embarking on a journey to recount the chronicle of the brand, unveiling its sophomore Pradasphere exhibition. The first Pradasphere graced the halls of Harrods in 2014 and made its way to Hong Kong in the November of the same year.

The anticipated showcase is set to mesmerize Shanghai from December 7th to January 21st, with a narrative ensemble, meticulously assembled by the co-creative helms, Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons.

A collection exceeding 500 artifacts, a mix of tangible and virtual artifacts, will be unveiled. These gems, extracted from the revered fashion vaults and the extensive spheres of Prada’s engagements, offer a visual narration of the brand’s monumental influence in the opulent world of fashion, as well as its significant imprints in art, architecture, cultural landscapes, and sports arenas.

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The precise locale of Pradasphere II remains cloaked in mysteryleading to speculations if Rong Zhai mansion in Shanghai, a gem Prada magnificently restored and introduced in 2017 as a versatile space for brand and cultural showcases, might be the selected site. Especially considering that the event, offering free entry, is open to all.

There hasn’t been another occasion that celebrated Prada’s 110th anniversary in the current year.

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