Prada Spring Summer 2019 Campaign

Prada Spring/Summer 2019 Campaign

Photographed by Willy Vanderperre, the imagery for the Prada women’s and men’s Spring/Summer 2019 campaigns are drawn from a series of filmic shorts, specially-created by the brand. These movies, directed by Vanderperre, are scored as feature films: acclaimed cinematographer Benoit Debie is the Director of Photography; the sound artist Frédéric Sanchez has specially composed scores for each. Five have been created to showcase the Spring/Summer 2019 women’s collection, accompanied by two celebrating the menswear collection. As with Hollywood movies, these posters – a new evolution of Prada 365 – serve as previews, of films coming soon. They will be released through January and February 2019 on
This campaign, tiled ‘’Double Exposure’’, approach emblemises the concept of Prada as an auteur, whose style and thematic preoccupations underscore the visuals. Here, Prada casts five female models – Freja Beha Erichsen, Gigi Hadid, Maike Inga, Liu Wen and Anok Yai – as characters named after Prada’s supporting cast of accessories.
The male models – Daan Duez, Jonas Glöer and Tae Min – are in turn presented as matinée idols, masculine counterparts to the female stars. Models become movie protagonists, recreated as modern-day silver-screen idols, spectacular.
Stylist: Olivier Rizzo
Hair: Duffy
Make-up: Aaron de Mey
Casting director: Ashley Brokaw

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