Ralph Lauren Fall-Winter 2024

Ralph Lauren Purple Label Fall/Winter 2024

Ralph Lauren Purple Label Fall/Winter 2024 gallops from ranch to boardroom, weaving equestrian elegance with Wall Street swagger. Check the tweeds, savor the velvet, and tip your cap to timeless style.
January 17, 2024

Fifty-six years after launching his fashion legacy with a debut collection of ties, Ralph Lauren remains firmly in the saddle. His Fall/Winter 2024 Purple Label proves the maestro hasn’t lost his touch, weaving a masterful tapestry of equestrian-inspired luxury with a dash of Wall Street swagger.


Forget last season’s jewel-toned suiting (still being trotted out elsewhere, mind you). This time around, Ralph Lauren is galloping back to his ranch roots, embracing tweeds and checkered wools reminiscent of horse blankets. Euro-equestrian houndstooth, glen plaids and corduroy add texture and depth, while a fringed suede jacket thrown over a black polo neck, black denim and a classic Western belt in rough-hewn brown leather epitomize the collection’s understated cool. Brown on black? Ralph Lauren pulls it off with daring finesse, demonstrating his mastery of color and composition.

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Equestrianism sets the tone, but it’s not the whole story. Impeccable chairman-level suits, tailored to navigate the choppy waters of the market, offer a subtle nod to boardroom prowess. Then there’s the showstopper: a sumptuous green velvet rendition of a 1940s paratrooper smock, reimagined as an evening wear-smoking jacket hybrid. Diagonal map pockets add a touch of utilitarian chic, while black clock-tartan eveningwear, punctuated with gold buttons, adds a dose of ceremonial grandeur. But Ralph Lauren tempers the formality with a playful Yankees baseball cap, part of a new collaboration, demonstrating his ability to mix high and low with effortless panache.

This Fall/Winter 2024 outing is another home run for Ralph Lauren, solidifying his position as fashion’s grand slam king. He masterfully crafts a collection that’s both ruggedly handsome and subtly luxurious, leaving menswear aficionados yearning for a taste of the Ralph Lauren Purple Label life. So saddle up, gentlemen, and let Ralph Lauren take you on a sartorial adventure like no other.

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©Photo: Ralph Lauren