Yohji Yamamoto Fall Winter 2022 - Paris Fashion Week Men’s

Yohji Yamamoto Fall/Winter 2022 – Paris Fashion Week Men’s

January 25, 2022

Due to pandemic-related travel concerns, Yohji Yamamoto did not come to Paris this season. Instead of a physical show in Paris, his collection was filmed in front of a live audience, and was shown as part of the Paris men’s schedule.

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Enlisting an intergenerational cast that included five Japanese actors, Yohji Yamamoto’s Fall/Winter 2022 offering draw its inspiration from the silhouettes of 19th century British dandies, from Beau Brummell to Oscar Wilde and characters from Charles Dickens’ novels.

In a predominantly black and white palette, some wore three-piece suits, vests and baggy pants, and accessorized with exaggerated knotted ties or ragged-edged scarves, while others wore blazers paired with long, white cotton shirts, with a casual look. This very dark wardrobe was illuminated from time to time by a few white silhouettes in the form of billowy tuxedo shirts with loose, flapping pleats as well as prints, in shades of green, gray or rust, based on artworks by the Polish painter Zdzislaw Beksinski.


Yohji Yamamoto Fall Winter 2022 - Paris Fashion Week Men’s

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