MSGM Spring-Summer 2024 - Milan Fashion Week

MSGM Spring/Summer 2024 – Milan Fashion Week

September 24, 2023

From the first glimpse of the MSGM Spring/Summer 2024 collection, it’s clear that Massimo Giorgetti, the maestro behind the brand, sought inspiration from a vibrant potpourri of art, music, design, and everything in between. With Milan’s unpredictable weather causing hasty venue changes not only for the luxury fashion giant Gucci but also for MSGM, the essence of adaptability and improvisation was imprinted onto the collection.

Giorgetti initially planned to display his creations under the looming shadows of two Gio Ponti architectural marvels, with their distinctive design even gracing one of the collection’s minidresses. However, the weather had other plans, pushing the show into a vast, whitewashed space with muted carpeting and a surprisingly refreshing air conditioning system.

Regardless of the change in venue, Giorgetti’s energetic spirit, always brimming with zest, shone brightly. The collection pulsated with a life of its own, telling a tale of Giorgetti’s recent obsessions and creative indulgences. From collecting works of budding artists to infusing his designs with vibrant artsy references, MSGM’s percolator was a simmering pot of Giorgetti’s eclectic tastes. While the myriad influences sometimes seemed overwhelming, Giorgetti’s infectious enthusiasm and genuine joy in creation brought a sense of charm and coherence to the chaos.

Hints of design elements inspired by the “Tartan” exhibition at V&A Dundee gave the collection an English twist, with its crumpled puffball skirts, waist-hugging jackets, and fringe-laden coats, all drenched in vivid checks and tartans. Roses in hasty scribbles, motifs reminiscent of free brush strokes, and playful appliqués made of colorful lace strips, metal, and thread added layers of complexity to the collection.

An undercurrent of a punkish, feisty feminine vibe was palpable, underscored by an electrifying mash-up of “Warm Leatherette” and the iconic “Kaltes Klares Wasser” by the Berlin-based girl group, Chicks on Speed. And, in Giorgetti’s own words, the brand’s essence resonated through each piece: MSGM is a joyous brand that cherishes connections, thrives in the present, and isn’t afraid of a few missteps. Because isn’t life itself a series of delightful detours?

So, while Massimo Giorgetti’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection for MSGM may have sprung from a cacophony of inspirations, it serves as a testament to the brand’s willingness to embrace the unpredictable, to find joy in chaos, and to share that joy with the world.

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