Wheelchair tennis champion Pauline Déroulède enters into a successful partnership with Dior and LVMH

Wheelchair tennis champion Pauline Déroulède has teamed up with luxury brands Dior and LVMH, embodying resilience, striving for Paralympic success and a passionate advocate for road safety.
November 3, 2023
Wheelchair tennis champion Pauline Déroulède enters into a successful partnership with Dior and LVMH
©Photo: LVMH / Nelson Rosier

LVMH and Dior are delighted to welcome French wheelchair tennis champion Pauline Déroulède as their Ambassador and Artisan of All Victories.

At the age of 32, Pauline Déroulède has already left an indelible mark on the world of wheelchair tennis. Currently ranked 13th in the IFT, she made history at Roland-Garros 2023 by becoming the first French player since 2010 to reach the quarterfinals in wheelchair tennis.

In October 2018, a drastic shift occurred in Pauline Déroulède’s life when she fell victim to a car accident, resulting in the loss of her left leg. Having been an avid tennis enthusiast, she demonstrated resilience by promptly refocusing her goals toward excelling in the 2024 Paralympic Games in Paris. By 2021, she had earned a place on the French national team and won the French wheelchair tennis championship three years in a row.

Dior and LVMH have recognized Déroulède’s extraordinary story by choosing her as their brand ambassador for the upcoming Paralympic Games in Paris. This alliance goes beyond the surface, as Dior expressed in a statement, highlighting their shared values of “ambition and commitment“. Déroulède, who now has her sights set on Paralympic gold, finds a perfect match in these luxury brands, which have a history of supporting athletes with exemplary careers.

In addition to her success on the tennis court, Déroulède is a passionate advocate for road safety. She is actively involved in lobbying for updated French laws to improve driver fitness standards. Her efforts are aimed at bringing about change in a country where driver’s licenses are issued for life and are rarely subject to medical checks.

In securing her position with Dior, the French wheelchair tennis prodigy joins Mélanie de Jesus dos Santos, who was also selected by the prestigious French brand and its parent company ahead of Paris 2024. In addition, Enzo Lefort, an expert fencer, and Léon Marchand, an accomplished swimmer, have also received the support of the Group in their roles as Louis Vuitton ambassadors.

As a Premium Partner of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, LVMH has reaffirmed its commitment to supporting athletes of Déroulède’s caliber. The Group appreciates the artisanal spirit of these athletes and recognizes their role in creating victories and setting new standards of excellence.

The Group is strengthening its links with the world of sport by reaffirming its role as the main partner of the America’s Cup, sailing’s premier competition. In addition, it has produced the travel containers for the Webb Ellis Cup and the Ballon d’Or trophy.

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