The Snoopy MoonSwatch - A match made in space (and pop culture)

The Snoopy MoonSwatch – A match made in space (and pop culture)

Snoopy's taking flight! A Snoopy MoonSwatch collab rumor has the watch world buzzing. Could the beloved beagle be blasting onto our wrists soon? Buckle up, space cadets, for liftoff!
February 6, 2024

Hold on to your space helmets, watch lovers, because Snoopy is about to embark on a new adventure – a Snoopy MoonSwatch collaboration that promises to be the hottest watch of 2024.

Omega and Snoopy go back a long way. Since 1968, the Silver Snoopy Award has been NASA’s way of recognizing outstanding contributions to flight safety and mission success, often featuring the lovable beagle. This connection extends to the iconic Speedmaster, which not only saved the Apollo 13 mission, but also received its own Snoopy-themed editions, coveted by collectors and adored by fans.

Enter the MoonSwatch, the playful and affordable Speedmaster-inspired watch that took 2023 by storm. With each new release, lines snaked around Swatch boutiques, a testament to its irresistible charm. Now imagine that charm infused with the timeless appeal of Snoopy – a sub-$300 quartz masterpiece featuring America’s favorite cartoon dog. We’re already sounding the alarm.

The Snoopy MoonSwatch - A match made in space (and pop culture)

Swatch only teased us with a cryptic Instagram video, but that’s all it takes to send collectors into overdrive. A Snoopy Moonswatch would undoubtedly extend the reach of the MoonSwatch, attracting a younger generation and injecting a dose of pure fun into the watch world.

But the excitement goes beyond hype. A Snoopy MoonSwatch is a milestone. It’s not just another chance to own a space-age Speedmaster for a fraction of the price; it’s a celebration of a unique partnership between pop culture, space exploration and watchmaking history.

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The teaser video was released on January 24th, coinciding with the “Wolf Moon” – a detail that fueled speculation. Swatch often ties Moonswatch releases to lunar events, and with the next major lunar event, the super new moon on February 9th, just around the corner, the wait for the Snoopy Moonswatch may not be long.

So buckle up, Moonswatch fans. The wait for Snoopy’s lunar adventure may be a little longer, but the anticipation is half the fun. And who knows, maybe the next time you check Swatch‘s Instagram, you’ll see Snoopy grinning from the wrist of a brand new MoonSwatch, ready to take you on a journey to the stars. Happiness may indeed be a new MoonSwatch – especially one with Snoopy by its side.

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